Rockcote Marrakesh a fitting interior finish

To mark the 90th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in June 2016, the building has been named as the Queen Elizabeth II Pukeahu Education Centre. The centre will also include a small display honouring Mother Aubert and the Sisters of Compassion. In August 2016 the centre was opened by the former Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae accompanied by the former Prime Minister Rt Hon John Key and the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Hon Maggie Barry.

Founder of the Sisters of Compassion Suzanne Aubert has been declared ‘venerable’ by the Catholic Church.

The declaration by Pope Francis is a major milestone on the path to sainthood being bestowed on Mother Aubert, who came to New Zealand from France in 1860 and died here aged 91 in 1926.

The Sisters of Compassion provide many charitable services, including running a soup kitchen in central Wellington.

Our Rockcote Marrakesh tadeladkt lime plaster finish was the selected finish to interior walls. Hand applied and finished by stone polishing.

This example of plastering craft was completed by Totara Coatings, Wellington. Marrakesh_Home of Compassion_Wellington

INEX–Design Expo


The Cloud, 31 March – 02 April 2017

INEX is a curated expo featuring high-end Interior & Exterior architecture and design product and related services, inspiring and delighting both design professionals and public alike.

Friday 31 March is a Trade day and will attract Architects, Architectural Designers, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Building Consent Authorities, Trades, Developers, Commercial Building Owners/Managers, and other Industry Professionals

Saturday 01 and Sunday 02 April are Public days and will attract home builders, renovators, DIYers, apartment dwellers, etc.

Come down, meet our team and see our innovative range of products and systems.

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LBP competencies amended




Developments in construction industry practices mean that licence class competencies need to be updated and clarified from time to time to remain relevant. It’s important to keep licence class competencies up to date to make sure LBP skills and knowledge are relevant and current.

External plastering
  • Proposed insertion of a new area of practice for stucco will be removed as it is too specific. The changes are intended to create broader competencies that are inclusive rather than specific to allow for future changes.
  • Performance indicators for the installation of substrates in the external plastering competencies are included. This means the installation of a cladding substrate is now considered restricted building work and must be completed by an LBP carpenter or external plasterer only. It was also recognised that competent solid plasterers commonly apply ‘sand-and-cement plaster’ over a wide range of surfaces, regardless of the substrate. This trend is being reflected in national qualifications offered by training providers.
  • Generic terminology – ‘installation of the substrate’ – in the proprietary plaster cladding system (PPCS) external plastering competencies is included. This will close a loophole in the current competencies where installation of some substrates (eg aerated concrete panel) is not considered restricted building work. This change means an LBP carpenter or an external plasterer must install or supervise the installation of substrate.
  • Since the LBP scheme’s inception the PPCS competencies were limited to installing and plastering over two specific substrates – lightweight fibre cement-based sheet or an exterior insulating finishing system (EIFS). PPCS will now encompass a broader range of substrates that an LBP must install or supervise.
  • A new competency ‘Work Safely’ will be added to external plastering to bring together a range of safety performance indicators into one place. The Health and Safety at Work Act is now cited in place of the Health and Safety in Employment Act.
  • There are also more explicit requirements for following a building consent where one has been issued.
  • These changes were confirmed on 10 November 2016 and will take effect on 23 March 2017.

Click here to learn more about what these changes mean for you.

2016 National Awards Evening

National Master Plasterer of the Year

Central – Complete Plaster Coatings Ltd

National House of the Year

Southern – Properly Plastered Ltd

Apprentice of the Year

Marshall Reidy (Accurate Plastering)

Start-up of the Year

Redrock Plastering Ltd

Representative of the Year

Southern – Ray Whitaker

Chandler Memorial Trophy

Southern – Laura Watson

Interior Project Winners

Southern – Premier Plastering Christchurch Ltd
Central – Coastline Plastering Ltd
Northern – Plastering Ltd

Group Housing Winners

Southern – Huddleston Construction Systems Ltd
Central – JR Exterior Plastering Ltd
Northern – Moloney Plasterers (2010) Ltd

Residential Project Winners

Southern – Properly Plastered Ltd
Central – Complete Plaster Coatings Ltd
Northern – Total Textures Ltd

Commercial Project Winners

Southern – Brass & Co Ltd
Central – Totara Plastered Coatings Ltd
Northern – SPVD Trades Ltd

Regional Plasterers of the Year

Southern – Huddleston Construction Systems Ltd
Central – Complete Plaster Coatings Ltd
Northern – Moloney Plasterers (2010) Ltd

Craftsmanship Awards

WASP Plastering Ltd
Complete Plaster Coatings Ltd
SPVD Trades Ltd
Properly Plastered Ltd
Completely Plastered Ltd
Paradise Coatings Ltd
Christian Jordan Plasterers Ltd
J R Exterior Plastering Ltd
Plastercoat Coromandel Ltd
Brass & Co Ltd
Mesh Coatings Ltd
Allied Exteriors Ltd
TFX Limited
Taupo Texture Coatings (2010) Ltd
Bream Bay Coatings (2015) Ltd

High Distinction Awards

The Finishing Company Ltd
Complete Plaster Coatings Ltd
Premier Textures Ltd, Hamilton
Greg Proudfoot Plastering Ltd
Greg Brown Ltd
Pilkington Interiors Ltd
Canterbury Exterior Plastering Ltd
Coastline Plastering Ltd
Allied Exteriors Ltd
Karton Construction Systems Ltd
Taupo Texture Coatings Ltd
Exterior Innovations Ltd
C Williams Plasterers Ltd
Completely Plastered Ltd
Waikato Decorators (1999) Ltd
GeoCoat Ltd
Scene to be Seen Ltd
Sound Homes NZ Ltd
Get Plastered Ltd
Texmark Coatings Ltd
LV Plastering Ltd
Moloney Plasterers (2010) Ltd
Plastering Ltd


The New Zealand house that hemp built

Grand Designs presenter Chris Moller in a field of hemp plants. Photo / Supplied

Grand Designs presenter Chris Moller in a field of hemp plants. Photo / Supplied

The next episode on Grand Designs NZ is screening tonight on TV3 at 8.30pm features.

See our ROCKCOTE lime plasters in action, inside & out. All applied over a hemp structure. 

Hemp is turning a new leaf in Taranaki, with a house made of the marijuana-like plant featuring on tonight’s Grand Designs NZ.

New Plymouth couple Greg Whitham and Gayle Avery wanted to build a rustic French farmhouse-style home for their extended family – and they wanted to do this using hemp.

But being one of the first hemp homes in New Zealand presented numerous challenges, with the results revealed on tonight’s episode of the hit TV3 series.

Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

The New Zealand Room (Te Koha)

The New Zealand Room has been designed to showcase leading examples of New Zealand design and innovation to a discerning international audience. This space provides ways for innovative New Zealand companies working in Europe to participate in the Biennale, or reach audiences that attend the prestigious event.

During the Biennale’s duration, the New Zealand Room will host events organised by event patrons, partners and supporters. It will also be a base for cultural events, including symposia on architecture, innovation and science.
The visitor experience at Palazzo Bollani has been designed by Rufus Knight, a young, award-winning designer. The rooms have finished with furniture, lighting, rugs and art by leading Kiwi designers and artists. The New Zealand Room has been generously supported by: Abodo, David Trubridge, Nick Radford, Nodi Rugs, Philips Selecon, Resene
, Robinson Interiors, ROCKCOTE, Resident and Vanda Holdings. Special thanks to: Campaign for Wool NZ, Okewa and Ngā Aho.

We incorporated the ROCKCOTE Earthen natural clay plasters to the main feature wall, creating a bespoke textural surface with blends of three Resene colours that reflected our natural environment.

Rufus with rockcote wall

Rufus Knight presenting to guests in the New Zealand Room. Rear wall –  Rockcote Earthen Clay plaster.
Images courtesy – NZ Institute of Architects, Photography David St George

How did we do it –
We created and plastered the wall sections
Mike May – Plasterer in Auckland which were then broken down into sections for shipping. We also considered how to get the wall sections up spiral staircases in Venice. Some of the other considerations in selecting the ROCKCOTE natural clay plaster were as follows –
The age of the building into which the wall would be set up – you don’t want to damage an 800 year old building. Our clay plasters can be re-wetted, and re-worked onsite to eliminate the wall section joins when put together.
The use of clay plaster virtually eliminated the potential for damage as the coatings contain no cement or lime which could if dropped on surfaces cause damage and would be hard to repair insitu within a tight time frame. Earthen Clay plaster was the best selection.
How to make good the walls when they were installed. We pre-mixed all the required EARTHEN clay plaster including colour and sent it over with the shipment. Clay plaster will remain moist for years in unopened pails.
Now, the tricky bit – how do you finish a wall to the required standard, when your not in Venice. A very good friend of ours Livio Semioni who came to New Zealand to train our contractor network with our Venetian lime plasters lives an hour out of Venice, so a call was made. Livio was stoked to be involved with this project. As a leading plastering professional in Italy, Livio surpassed expectations and finished what is recognised as a dominant statement to the New Zealand Room.
Congratulations to all the team involved in this bespoke plastering project that showcases not only our materials but our skills to the world.

Selected Resene Colours

Grain Brown (Y82-025-072)

Sandspit Brown cc (Y84-017-074)

Wan White (N93-005-105)

International Straw Building Conference 2016

Natural Building in the 21st Century
International Straw Building Conference
3-9 March 2016, Methven, New Zealand

Resene Construction Systems with ROCKCOTE Natural Materials are proudly sponsoring this International Event. Our very own Bob

The conference will be a celebration of Natural Building worldwide and provides a rare face-to face opportunity for networking with others in the field from all over the globe. Builders, home owners, engineers, architects and designers, building officials, housing providers, building suppliers, farmers, researchers and academics, and anybody else who cares about the quality of the built environment and its impact on the world we share – come join us.
The 5 day, 6 night conference will feature keynote addresses, presentations from delegates, hands-on workshops and displays, trade shows, uniquely Kiwi social events, house tours (may be before and/or after the conference proper), the all-important Straw Bale Olympics and most importantly the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and develop new ones.
The venue, Methven, is a ski resort town, one hour’s drive from Christchurch International Airport. A variety of accommodation is available from luxury resort style to camping and all within a few minutes walk of the Heritage Centre where most of the conference activities will take place.

Register here

NANDO’s Flagship store gets Earthen Clay plaster


The latest addition to the global Nando’s Restaurant chain is their Flagship New Zealand restaurant, 360 Queen Street, Auckland. ROCKCOTE Earthen Clay Plaster was selected based on performance, speed of application, and ability to achieve the Nando’s global finish selections.
The Nando’s Australiasia management team were over for the grand opening and were very impressed with the finishes that we achieved in a very tight time frame.
ROCKCOTE Earthen was finished in two ways, firstly with a base coat and then with a Nando’s diamond template overlay to create a 3-4mm raised relief (see pic), and secondly a two layer ‘off the trowel’ finish.
Colours –

To finish off the bathroom walls we coated the Earthen Clay with Resene waterborne Aquapel to provide water resistant.

Earthen Clay_Nandos_AKL

ROCKCOTE Marrakesh with Graffiti Tiles

Choice has been limited over the years in terms of options available for finishing wet areas. Many clients have been requesting a seamless internal finish to their bathrooms. The options generally available have been tiles, glass or acrylic – now you have the opportunity to discover ROCKOTE Marrakesh.

A fine grained lime plaster that is hand applied, and finished over various common internal wet area substrates, creating a seamless surface where the smooth curve of one element flows into another, evoking a sense of ease and continuity not seen with standard finishes. Marrakesh allows the ROCKCOTE ‘Artisan’ plasterer to create an individual work of art on any wall or room within the home.

The image shows a recently completed bathroom that incorporated Marrakesh plaster alongside stylish Graffiti tiles.

Owner/Architect: David Stubbs

Architecture Practice: Jarrod Midgley Architecture –

Marrakesh Colour: Resene Double Concrete

Plaster Professionals : Al Tuner/ Malcolm Oates