Recently opened in Albany, Auckland is the new EVERLAST store. The Architect – Matt Godward, Godward Design Space provided a digital render of his vision for the look and feel of this new development. The finished result reflects a very accurate response to his design. The feature wall in the business utlised our hand applied, pre-coloured ROCKCOTE Velvetina that was burnished for that concrete look after which Kevin Cotter, owner of PDS applied our protective wax to give the Velvetina finish additional depth.

Architects Digital Render –

Digital design render_PR04 EVERLAST SILVERDALE

Finished project –

Velvetina_fit out_finished

Close up – ROCKCOTE Velvetina –

Velvetina_close up finished

2017 National Winner : Retail Category

Tantalus winery_exterior.jpg

Project: Tantalus Winery, Brewery & Restaurant


WG de Gruchy Construction Limited

Project Partners

Cheshire Architects (Architect/Designer

Underscoring everything is a commitment to the organic, the bespoke, and the hand made. In pursuing the demands of an intense hospitality operation, we made lights from twisted old vine branches, plastered walls with ROCKCOTE clay plaster and straw, laid local stone against the chimney, dyed fabrics and painted tiles by hand. In these principles – the organic, the bespoke, the hand-made – we’re just trying to get spatial experience to stand in the same place as that the beer, the wine and the food should take you.

Owned by

Tantalus Estate

Rockcote Earthen Decor Clay plaster interior. Deep moody blue clay plaster was selected for the ‘Tantalus Private Dining’ room.

Tantalus winery_Private dining.jpg

The main dining and reception featured Rockcote Earthen Decor Clay plaster infused with chopped straw for a luxurious rustic feel.

Tantalus winery_reception.jpg

Exterior was a combination of local quarried stone alongside  ROCKCOTE MultiStop blended with oxides and locals sands to provide the bespoke local feel and continuity of surroundings.

Tantalus winery_exterior.jpg

Rockcote Artisan Plasterer –

Mike May Plastering plasteringnz.co.nz

Polished interior

Marmoreus_Cubro project_TaurangaOutstanding interior work by Chris Baker – Plastercoat Coromandel.
Cubro, one of New Zealands leading healthcare equipment providers have completed their new premises in Tauranga. Adding to the immaculate contemporary interior, is our Marmoreus ‘Blanc’ lime plaster surface that follows the smooth curves. Applied, finished & polished by Hand creating a durable, and tactile surface for bespoke interiors. The surface was completed by Chris Baker, Plastercoat Coromandel.Marmoreus_Cubro project_Tauranga_1

The Crossing – Christchurch’s new Metro Shopping precinct

The Crossing is the latest Christchurch Metro shopping precinct. ‘The Crossing’ welcomes the finest international and local brands to Christchurch’s CBD.

The project features our premium INTEGRA lightweight concrete facade and finishing system. The system was applied over our 20mm dryzone cavity system, including our full EdgeSeal flashing technology. One of the more challenging issues faced was the inclusion of multiple angles to reflect and compliment other architectural detailing to the project.

The Crossing_2
INTEGRA panel installation – The Premier Plastering Team in action.

The finishing touches were made with our hand applied Plaster Systems EzyTex float texture, and finished with Resene X-200 coloured Resene Quarter Stonewall

The Crossing


The Crossing_1

Colour – Resene Quarter Stonewall 


CoolPlast strikes again

In the heart of Christchurch, amidst the ongoing rebuild sits a newly refurbished building.
An existing masonry construction that underwent significant restrengthening and overall interior and exterior finishing.
Premier Plastering were called upon to undertake the plastering work which included the complete exterior plastering and feature internal atrium works.
Our Rockcote Masonry Render System reinforced with fibreglass and finished with ‘CoolPlast’ & Resene Cool Colour technology creating a stand out exterior.


Clockwork Orange

Texture –
Rockcote Tasman, hand applied float finish.

Colours –
Resene Foundry (exterior) Resene_Foundry
Resene Clockwork Orange (Interior) Resene_Clockwork_Orange

The Little District of Sylvia

The latest establishment has opened in Sylvia Park Mall, Auckland. Little District combines three distinct, and very bespoke eateries.

They feature Resene Construction Systems CoolPlast with Resene CoolColour paint finish & Rockcote Velvetina with a tri-colour distressed finish.
Exterior Contractor – SPVD Trades
Interior Contractor – PDS – Property Direct ServicesLittle District_Sylvia Park

CoolPlast exterior

Cleaver & Co_3

Cleaver & Co_2

Cleaver & Co_interior

Rockcote Velvetina Interior – tri-colour distressed finish

Rockcote Marrakesh a fitting interior finish

To mark the 90th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in June 2016, the building has been named as the Queen Elizabeth II Pukeahu Education Centre. The centre will also include a small display honouring Mother Aubert and the Sisters of Compassion. In August 2016 the centre was opened by the former Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae accompanied by the former Prime Minister Rt Hon John Key and the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Hon Maggie Barry.

Founder of the Sisters of Compassion Suzanne Aubert has been declared ‘venerable’ by the Catholic Church.

The declaration by Pope Francis is a major milestone on the path to sainthood being bestowed on Mother Aubert, who came to New Zealand from France in 1860 and died here aged 91 in 1926.

The Sisters of Compassion provide many charitable services, including running a soup kitchen in central Wellington.

Our Rockcote Marrakesh tadeladkt lime plaster finish was the selected finish to interior walls. Hand applied and finished by stone polishing.

This example of plastering craft was completed by Totara Coatings, Wellington. Marrakesh_Home of Compassion_Wellington

INEX–Design Expo


The Cloud, 31 March – 02 April 2017

INEX is a curated expo featuring high-end Interior & Exterior architecture and design product and related services, inspiring and delighting both design professionals and public alike.

Friday 31 March is a Trade day and will attract Architects, Architectural Designers, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Building Consent Authorities, Trades, Developers, Commercial Building Owners/Managers, and other Industry Professionals

Saturday 01 and Sunday 02 April are Public days and will attract home builders, renovators, DIYers, apartment dwellers, etc.

Come down, meet our team and see our innovative range of products and systems.

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LBP competencies amended




Developments in construction industry practices mean that licence class competencies need to be updated and clarified from time to time to remain relevant. It’s important to keep licence class competencies up to date to make sure LBP skills and knowledge are relevant and current.

External plastering
  • Proposed insertion of a new area of practice for stucco will be removed as it is too specific. The changes are intended to create broader competencies that are inclusive rather than specific to allow for future changes.
  • Performance indicators for the installation of substrates in the external plastering competencies are included. This means the installation of a cladding substrate is now considered restricted building work and must be completed by an LBP carpenter or external plasterer only. It was also recognised that competent solid plasterers commonly apply ‘sand-and-cement plaster’ over a wide range of surfaces, regardless of the substrate. This trend is being reflected in national qualifications offered by training providers.
  • Generic terminology – ‘installation of the substrate’ – in the proprietary plaster cladding system (PPCS) external plastering competencies is included. This will close a loophole in the current competencies where installation of some substrates (eg aerated concrete panel) is not considered restricted building work. This change means an LBP carpenter or an external plasterer must install or supervise the installation of substrate.
  • Since the LBP scheme’s inception the PPCS competencies were limited to installing and plastering over two specific substrates – lightweight fibre cement-based sheet or an exterior insulating finishing system (EIFS). PPCS will now encompass a broader range of substrates that an LBP must install or supervise.
  • A new competency ‘Work Safely’ will be added to external plastering to bring together a range of safety performance indicators into one place. The Health and Safety at Work Act is now cited in place of the Health and Safety in Employment Act.
  • There are also more explicit requirements for following a building consent where one has been issued.
  • These changes were confirmed on 10 November 2016 and will take effect on 23 March 2017.

Click here to learn more about what these changes mean for you.